Bamboo wall cladding

DSC05205Our product range comprises profile lumber with tongue and groove  in bamboo, suitable for outdoor use in cladding.

Our bamboo cladding is a functional and prestigious design element, with all the good properties of tropical hardwoods. But unlike tropical wood, bamboo regrows within just five years and the plant stays alive, in order to produce new culms every year. This makes bamboo a sustainable alternative for tropical hardwoods.

This classic cladding profile is made of laminated bamboo and can be processed just like wood. Because of the bamboo`s extreme strength, the material should be predrilled. All products come pre-oiled, but should receive an initial surface treatment after installation with our proven oil.

Decking and cladding are classified durability class 1 (EN 350 / EN 113)



  • PI claddingPlease download our product brochure.High dimensional stability - very little moisture expansion and shrinking
  • Plus available in two lenghts: 1,96 m and 3,66 m
  • Uniform material structure - no knotholes, no bleeding etc.
  • Light basic colour - colour can be designed with pigmented oils
  •  Not heavier but aprox. 38% harder than oak
  •  Producer holds FSC-certification
  • Natural and original bamboo look
  • Patented production process

 Please download our product brochure:

  • KUL SID 02
  • Bamboo wall profile, pre-oiled                                                                               
    tongue & groove                                                                                           
    Dimensions: 18 x 140 x 1960 mm

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